Paul Lauritzen interviews Brian Stiltner

Posted in Uncategorized by commonweal on May 29th, 2008

Brian Stiltner, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, BA, John Carroll University; MA, Ph.D., Yale University. Dr. Stiltner's research interests focus on Catholic social ethics, the ethics of war and peace, and role of religion in democratic public life. His teaching responsibilities include bioethics, war and peace, historical and contemporary Christian ethics, and Catholic social thought.  In 2007, Stiltner published Faith and Force: A Christian Debate about War with David L. Clough (Georgetown University Press; more information at He previously directed the Hersher Institute for Applied Ethics (1998-2003) and the Center for Catholic Thought, Ethics, and Culture (2003-2006), which he helped establish. Dr. Stiltner has been a member of the Religious Studies Program at Sacred Heart University since 1998; he has served as chair of the department since 2006.